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"We are extremely pleased with the speed in which Direct Response deployed our call handling solution." - BAA
Company Background

Direct Response Ltd provides award winning voice, data and contact centre services. With service quality as its key focus, it works with businesses to provide the right services to help them communicate with their customers.

Direct Response is supported by over 400 contact centre agents located mainly in the UK, but also in South Africa, Holland, Romania, the USA, Canada, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Direct Response handles outsourcing of voice, data and contact centre support for any organisation from a multinational corporation to a small enterprise delivering outstanding service in every case.

We work with businesses from a wide range of sectors including technology, healthcare, property, finance, insurance, public sector, retail and publishing.

Direct Response was independently recognised as the fastest growing call centre in the UK, which comes on the back of a number of other awards including finalists for the 2004 and 2005 Unisys Service Excellence Awards.

Our Vision

The Direct Response's brand should be synonymous with service excellence, continued rapid growth, industry leading customer retention, whilst being regarded as the most fun company to work for.

Our Mission

Direct Response to be the best at delivering voice, data and call centre services.

Our Objectives

To provide consistently high quality business communication.

To provide a 100% commitment and accountability to our customers and endemic customer focussed excellence.

To be proactive and consultative, thus to provide fundamental solutions continuously tailored to customers' business.

To provide customers with a one stop capability.

To give value for money.

To provide our customers with 24 hour focused support.

To make all employees multi tasked and able to handle any customer call.

To communicate with our customers in full - CRM at its best.

To process map all customer activity for fast and efficient action.

To communicate fully and freely between management and employees.

To provide staff continuity.

To ensure that all DRL staff are working for our customers.


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