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"Direct Response have been a huge support to our business growth" - Wyre Communications

Many thanks for choosing Direct Response Ltd, we take great pride in being the best in business communications and we are totally committed to provide this to you and your business.Your account is being set up for you and we thought it would be useful to send over a few pages on how we will set your account up and how to easily contact the relevant teams.


Head Office

83 – 84 George Street




Bristol Contact Centre

8 Portland Place

Pritchard Street



Head Office Opening Hours

8:30am – 5:30pm: Monday

8:30am – 5:30pm: Tuesday

8:30am – 5:30pm: Wednesday

8:30am – 5:30pm: Thursday

8:30am – 5:30pm: Friday

Closed: Saturday

Closed: Sunday

Out of hours you can dial our main number 0800 011 4570 and your call will be routed to our 24x7x365 call centre service so you can raise faults and leave messages

Urgent faults will be escalated to your product on call customer support manager.

An exceptional customer experience is central to everything we do at Direct Response. With this in mind we have a simple but very effective method of starting and developing a long term business partnership.

This is illustrated below:

Welcome Diagram

Stage 1: Initial Sale & Account Management

The person who sold our services to you will always remain your strategic point of account management and escalation. Unlike most other businesses the original sales person will always be there for you.

As and when agreed they will run an on-going complete account consolidation and overview to make sure we are on track with your short and long term objectives.

Stage 2: Installation & Testing

The Customer Support team will introduce themselves and double check your requirements and agree with you as to the best way to deliver our service to you. Once live, they will be available on a daily basis for any moves, changes, and issues you may have

Call Centre Go Live Procedure

Introduction of your customer support manager who will be responsible for the entire go live journey.
Confirmation of the exact scope of our service to be delivered to you
Service Level Agreements and how key performance indicators will be presented to you
How best to work and communicate in a proactive and collaborative way that works best around your day to day pressures and demands
Call flow and Visio design
Deployment of script software and integration
End to end call centre and technical testing both internally and externally*
Agent training
Final go live tests and customer satisfaction survey
Post go live consolidation to ensure all aspects of your account are spot on

*Please note during the testing phase we will be deliberately sending calls to the least experienced agents who have no training on your account to test the integrity of the system. Calls will also be put at the back of queues so as not to affect live customers

As a result expect longer wait times and for agents to not be well versed and smooth on your script during the initial testing phase.

Stage 3: Credit Check & Billing

The finance team will run a credit check and your monthly invoicing that is provided online and in hard copy.

Stage 4: Delivery

We constantly monitor the delivery of our services to ensure our service is the best in our industry and that we have integrity to our commitments. We will also provide on-going reports to keep you up to speed.

At Direct Response we are very keen to make doing business with us as easy as possible. Once your account is up and running we give you access to the people who can actually make the changes to your account to make it simpler, better and faster for you.

With this in mind we have built systems so you can communicate the way that best suits you and your business.

Account Moves, Changes, Requests, Faults, & Online Logins

Email Customer Support:

Phone Customer Support: +44(0)0208 600 2210

Fax Customer Support +44(0)208 600 2211

Finance and Billing

Online Teleocms Billing: Insight Portal

Phone The Finance Team: +44(0)208 600 2211

Email The Finance Team:

Sales & Strategic Development

Phone The Sales Team: 0800 011 4540

Email The Sales Team:

What is the best way to resolve a fault quickly?

In short the quicker we can find the fault the faster we can fix it. If you can provide us with as much specific information such as date, time, number dialled, nature of the fault, how it occurred, and what testing you have done your end to identify the root cause, it all massively helps us help you.

To log a fault please email us at or call +44 (0)208 600 2210

If you are not happy with how any fault, move, change or request is being dealt with please tell us, and if necessary escalate up to our Managing Director. We care and we want to know and resolve issues as affectively as possible.

Senior Account Managers

Felicity Clack

Chantal Erasmus

Account Managers

Caroline Edwards

Toby Caesar

Account Executives

Niall Tatchley

Elizabeth Scoot

Ricky Poole

Ben Pierrepont

Edward Still

To speak to you service delivery team contact us on +44(0)208 600 2210


CALL NOW 0800 011 4570