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"We have been working with Direct Response for a number of years and the service has been excellent" - Pannone
Corporate Social Responsiblity

Corporate Social Responsibility takes so many different forms and has so many alternative interpretations. Here at Direct Response we believe, that doing the right thing is ultimately what is important, not only in business but also socially and environmentally.


Wherever you look at our office there are awards and signs on or over people’s desks which serve as recognition for achievement whether it be for sales or service. The most coveted award being the Nuts About Service award, which is voted for monthly and presented by all the teams for the person who has demonstrated true service excellence in that monthly period.

Our People

Framed 60 Second Interviews of all staff members hang in the Hall of Fame area which shows the interest we take in our people’s lifestyles outside of work. Photographs hang in the InterNUT café displaying company social and sporting events and achievements. We are very passionate and committed to staff development whether it be work related or not and we welcome feedback on what people would like to do to advance themselves and how we can support them to do that. Direct Response is an Investor in People and an Equal Opportunities Employer and has always believed that getting the right people and empowering them is fundamental to delivering service excellence.

The Community

Each member of staff is actively encouraged to make a difference should they like to in the local community where we work but also further afield. One day a year is allocated per person to make a difference. This could be anything that the individual is passionate about doing in the community. This could be working with a charity, meals on wheels, helping with a project or anything else that adds value to the community.

The Environment

At Direct Response we are very environmentally focused. We limit the paper we use and we have a strict recycling policy. We also encourage our people to limit the emissions from their cars by car sharing as much as possible and other such schemes to aid in the protection of our environment.


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