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"The speed in which they deployed a scalable call handling solution was of major assistance" - Transform
Do I need a phone system to use your contact centre solutions?

No, a phone system that re-directs call traffic is just one way in which to get call’s to our contact centre. You can divert calls either via your mobile or by setting up a non-geographic number like a 0800 or 0844.

Do I have to have my calls answered around the clock?

No, we will be on hand to answer your calls whenever you choose to deliver them to us. You may want us to act as the first point of call or simply have us act as a back up to your existing in house teams.

Will I have a say on how the advisors are trained on my account?

Absolutely, we offer three levels of service that allow you to choose the type of engagement you wish to make from simple high level product training all the way to dedicated 1-2-1 training on systems, company and branding.

How will I maintain control over the call quality?

We ensure consistent quality over our calls by providing you access to near-live recordings of your account via our Cirrus call management platform, meaning you can listen in and hear exactly what our advisors are saying to your customers.

How will you send management information to me?

We have a number of different methods for keeping you informed about the calls we receive on your behalf. We provide you with an instant message (via email or SMS) detailing the call and the outcome. In addition, you have access to our Cirrus reporting platform that allows you to view our answer times, dropped and abandoned calls. For larger accounts you will have a dedicated account manager who will conduct account reviews and provide you with a deeper insight on your call profiles.

How many calls can you handle?

We have 150 contact centre advisors located across our offices in Bristol, London and Ipswich on hand to ensure we meet our service levels agreements. Our standard service levels are 80% of all call presented answered within 20 seconds. For larger clients we can look at bespoke service levels that meet your requirements.

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